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How to Apply & Remove wall art stickers




It is very easy to apply stickers from This is the beauty of this approach to make a wall alive. It does not need expert skills. Normal time is 10min to 15min to put them up.

Any smooth surface is a perfect location for wall stickers but make sure the surface is dry . So walls ,glass, smooth painted walls . Make sure the paint is dry. 



1. Clean the surface

Using a dry cloth make sure the surface is free of dirt, dust and any grease. If you do have to use a slightly damp cloth after the cleaning wait until you are sure the wall is dry.

 2. Plan

The quality wall stickers will peel off the backing material quite easily however don't be tempted to jump right in and stick them on the wall. Spend a bit of time planning exactly where you want them to go. It is best not to put them up and peel them off and put them in a different location . They will come very easy but it is best practice to put them up once and plan to remove them in a few years time when you want to put some new ones up.

 The good thing about these stickers is they might come in a very big sheet sometimes as big as 900mm x 600mm but when they are on the wall you can place the designs and characters at different locations to make the decal even bigger, So plan your layout on a piece of paper or look at some of the examples on our website.

3. Remove from backing

Place your sticker (decal) on a flat surface, table of ground and slowly peel the part you want off the backing . Go slowly during this process while making sure you don't tear any of the graphics.


4. Apply to wall.

Place one edge of the peeled off sticker on the wall at the location you have planned . Pressing firmly place the full sticker on the wall moving your hand over the full area. Using the edge of a credit card apply pressure over the full graphic.


7. Stand back and Admire your work

You will love how quickly the decals bring your wall alive. We would love if you take a picture of your layout. They will all go up in our hall of fame and depending on the month we will issue you one of our discounts available.

How to remove wall stickers from your walls after a few years if you require.

Its very easy and you just soften the sticker using a hairdryer set to warm ( not hot) . This will soften the adhesive. Start at one corner and remove the sticker. Its that easy